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Lab Pack Services

Lab Pack Services

Lab packing is a method of managing waste that involves collecting, identifying, and packaging hazardous chemicals based on their compatibility. During the process, hazardous wastes and other products are segregated and put in containers on-site. Our HTS field techs will ensure lab-packs or commodity packed chemicals are appropriately packaged for transport.

Chemical waste comes in many forms with various hazards, because of this, we maintain a skilled field staff available to perform your chemical waste packaging and transportation services. Handling commodity chemicals also requires thorough training and comprehensive knowledge, which is why our certified field service technicians are experts in the classification of hazardous waste. They possess the knowledge and experience necessary to perform lab packing services in a safe, compliant, and cost-effective manner.

Choosing HTS to perform your waste identification and lab packing services is a cost-effective and time-saving solution for the disposal of unneeded, expired, or unknown chemicals in compliance with DOT and EPA regulations.

Certified and experienced HTS field technicians handle your lab pack from start to finish, which includes:

  • The classification of chemical waste based on the compatibility of their hazardous characteristics
  • The collection, identification, and packaging of compatible chemicals together within DOT compliant drums
  • Slack-filling waste drums with inert packaging material (e.g. vermiculite)
  • Labeling the waste drums with proper DOT/EPA approved labels for compliant transportation, treatment, and/or disposal


Performing these tasks requires extensive knowledge and experience, and in order to avoid any accidents during the process of handling chemical waste, we maintain rigorous standards. If your organization generates hazardous chemical waste, we offer reliable and dependable solutions to your hazardous material packaging and transportation needs.

Proper marking of these containers is essential in order to reduce the chance of mixing incompatible wastes. Violating the federal and state laws and regulations regarding hazardous waste may have consequential effects; we commit to completing your lab packing service and transportation to your utmost satisfaction.

Whether you require chemical packaging, transportation, or both, we are here to provide expert-level service to companies across Southern California. We take your unique needs into account and commit to developing a personalized plan managing your waste.