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Emergency Response

Emergency Response Services

24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week | HazMat Emergency Response Programs

Turning emergencies into manageable incidents is a core HTS competency.

At HTS, we have a highly trained HazMat Emergency Response team that is ready to respond to environmental emergencies of all types. Whether you need a full incident response, assistance for your in-house team, or resources to supplement your current operation, we are fully equipped and ready to answer the call.

Our emergency response team has been trained to respond to various types of incidents that may occur.

  • Deployment Capability of Personnel, Equipment, & Supplies
  • 40-Hour Trained Personnel
  • Spill Cleanup and Containment
  • Spill Management/Coordination
  • Coordination and Management of Subcontractors
  • Remediation and Restoration
  • Incident Management
  • Technical High Haz
  • Industrial – Including Highway/Over the Road Response
  • Commercial
  • In-Plant/In-Facility Response
  • Vacuum Tanker, Van Trailers, and more

View our Waste Transportation Page for a complete list of our fleet

As an HTS client, you enjoy and benefit from the partnerships we have developed over the years with TSDF facilities, specialist agencies, and area fire and hazmat teams. Beyond hazardous waste disposal, our team can work to deliver the ideal level of service for an optimal outcome.

Customized Prevention Programs

HTS offers fully customizable prevention programs designed for your needs. Our programs include:

  • Preparedness Planning
  • Superior Training
  • Rapid Systemic Approach
  • Complete Service – Dispatch through Debrief
  • Customer Spill Response Training/Drills
  • Pre-Planning Assistance
  • Coordinate Training of Key Personnel and Outside Entities


If your business is located in Los Angeles or Orange County, our response time to your needs is impressive. We have trucks and responders ready to go and available to take your call 24/7.