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Finding Sustainable Waste Solutions with Exceptional Attention to Detail

Trusted Solutions for College and School Waste Disposal

As a school or university, a well-structured waste management system isn’t optional, it’s a requirement. Additionally, for many schools it is a state requirement to have a school recycling program for recyclables and organic wastes. HTS offers all of the support, documentation, and transportation your educational facility requires for waste disposal so you can address any concern, at any time.

Assured Compliance

HTS understands that every school or university will have specific waste management challenges to handle. Our environmental specialists will prepare your facility with top quality, innovative solutions that support your university waste management program. HTS offers environmental health and safety support, lab pack services, and other services, to help you create a proven impact that significantly reduces your footprint.

Environmental Solutions for Schools and Universities

We’ll help you find waste-reducing opportunities and develop and implement various customized solutions that work for your faculty and staff, your campus and your students.

​For bulk waste pickups, we have solutions to help you properly manage your school’s waste, whether it’s from renovations, new builds, laboratory waste and more.

Chemistry labs in universities, community colleges, and high schools contain numerous hazardous chemicals. Lab packing is the safest and only fully-compliant way to dispose of them. Our skilled team of field technicians can handle school lab packs of all sizes and will handle every step from waste identification to packaging and labeling. For a quote for your facility, call us at 562-906-2633 or fill out the form on the right. Our Santa Fe Springs office serves businesses in LA County, Orange County, and throughout Southern California.

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