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Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

Compliant Management of Pharmaceutical Waste

Improve Safety and Compliance with Comprehensive Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal Solutions

Responsible management of your medical facility’s regulated waste is vital to ensuring regulatory compliance, protecting your company, employees, community and environment. HTS can help whether you’re a small local business or a large chain company, our advanced waste solutions are made fit your specific needs. To reduce risk, you must first identify what regulations apply to the specific medications you need to dispose of, and then choose a waste management service and vendor that will help you meet the requirements involved. Our experts at HTS Environmental can provide safe management and disposal of all medication types: pills, liquids, inhalers, tablets, and more.

Medication waste coming from a commercial business (clinics, pharmacies, doctor’s offices, etc.) is regulated differently than the medication waste that is thrown away in a residence. Pharmaceutical waste that is commercially-generated is regulated by Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Transportation from it’s initial collection to final disposal. It is a tremendous asset for medical facilities to choose an experiences and licensed vendor like HTS to help you understand regulations, reduce waste, and save money.

Expert Hazardous Pharmaceutical Waste Programs

HTS Environmental will work as your partner for fast, compliant, affordable and sustainable pharmacy waste solutions to your facility’s specific challenges.

With 25 years of experience in the disposal of pharmaceutical waste, including listed wastes (F-List, K-List, P-List, and U-List), we are confident in finding the fastest, most eco-friendly and cost-saving solutions for our clients.

Our team of hazardous waste specialists, help manage your unusable medications from waste identification and characterization, to packaging, transportation and disposal. We handle all pharmaceutical waste types from pharmacies, labs, clinics and other healthcare facilities.

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