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Cannabis and Hemp Waste

Cannabis and Hemp Waste

Ensuring Compliance for the Southern California Cannabis Industry

At HTS Environmental, we ensure compliance during every waste management service, protecting the security of your license. We offer effective and reliable cannabis waste disposal solutions for all areas of the cannabis industry. Cultivators, distributors, dispensaries, and labs can all trust our knowledgeable hazardous waste staff with the proper management of their cannabis and hemp waste.

Assured Compliance with Cannabis Waste Regulations

Cannabis waste disposal is regulated by the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC), California Department of Health (CDPH) and by your local municipality. Any business that performs cannabis-related activities is required to dispose of cannabis and hemp waste responsibly. The regulations set in place by these authorities state that all cannabis by-product must be rendered into unusable and unrecognizable cannabis waste before it is collected for disposal. HTS will work with you to create a cannabis waste management plan that targets all of your waste management needs and helps you achieve environmental health and safety compliance.

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What is Cannabis Waste?

Cannabis waste is any material that has come into contact with cannabis or was used during the process of cultivation, manufacturing, production, or retail that requires disposal. Some examples include:

  • Unused, expired or returned marijuana
  • Unused, expired or returned edibles
  • Oils, waxes, or extracts deemed unusable
  • Cultivation trimmings
  • Used testing samples
  • Harvested plants
  • Cartridges
  • and more

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