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Have you Completed your EVQ Verification Questionnaire?

Have you Completed your EVQ Verification Questionnaire?

The DTSC annual verification questionnaire cycle is now open. If your hazardous waste ID number was active anytime during the 2017 fiscal year (from July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018), or your company manifested hazardous waste using an assigned hazardous waste ID number during the 2017 calendar year (from January 1, 2017 – December 31, 2017), your company needs to complete the 2018 eVQ. If you do not complete the eVQ, the DTSC will inactivate your EPA ID number and you will not be able to ship your hazardous waste.

In the past, the DTSC would mail hard copies of the EVQ verification questionnaire to generators. To reduce paper use, the DTSC created an online system called “eVQ” (Electronic Verification Questionnaire). All verifications are now done through this online system and the DTSC no longer mails hard copies of the Verification Questionnaires. Click HERE to access the system.

The DTSC notifies generators via email when they need to complete these questionnaires. These notifications are sent between July and October, depending on when the cycle is opened. This year, initial notification emails were sent in October. These notification emails are sent to the email address associated with the ID number. If that person is no longer with your company, you will need to update the contact information to access your site’s eVQ. See Appendix A of the DTSC eVQ User Guide for instructions for updating the contact information.

Click HERE to access the User Guide.

It is very important that your facility complete these questionnaires. Failure to complete the 2018 eVQ by the deadline constitutes as failure to comply with the California Health and Safety Code sections 25205.15 and 25205.16; as a result, the DTSC will inactivate your ID number and you will not be able to ship your hazardous waste without an active EPA ID number.

The questionnaire includes two sections:

  1. The first is to verify your EPA ID number(s) and the total number of employees associated with your firm, in CA. There is a fee associated with this if you have 50 or more employees.
  2. The second section involves your past year’s manifests. The DTSC will assess a fee of $7.50 for each manifest used, except for manifests used solely for recycled waste (Note: This fee is entirely separate from the fees charged by the EPA for the recently implemented eManifest system). The questionnaire will list a total number of manifests and categorize them as either “recycled” or “non-recycled”. To qualify as recycled, ALL waste listed on the manifest must be recycled.

The way in which you can determine if the waste(s) was recycled is by looking at each manifest. The hazardous waste disposal facility (TSDF) adds a code for each waste listed to indicate if it was recycled at their facility. The handling codes can be found in Box 19 on the manifest. Those that are considered “recycled” are H010, H020, H039, H050 or H061.

For your reference, here are common Q&A regarding eVQ: https://www.dtsc.ca.gov/IDManifest/VQ_FAQ.cfm.

NOTE: It is not uncommon for the DTSC’s prepopulated manifest counts to be incorrect. HTS recommends that you review your manifests to obtain the correct count and modify as appropriate. Please contact us if you need assistance.

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