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Hazardous Waste E-Manifest Changes For Generators

Hazardous Waste E-Manifest Changes For Generators

EPA’s E-Manifest Launch Is Less Than Two Weeks Away. How Do These Changes Affect You? What Specific Actions Must You Take Before And After The June 30th Deadline?

The June 30th hazardous waste e-manifest launch date is just around the corner. While the Treatment Sites are the entities that must implement specific changes beginning June 30th, there are some things that you should know as a generator.

First, HTS is communicating with the various treatment sites to support implementation efforts, ensure compliance and to stay up to date on the changes that could affect our customers. HTS has confirmed that all Treatment Sites in our network are ready and prepared to comply with the requirements after the launch date.

Many have expressed to us that the EPA e-Manifest system has significant functionality and permissions issues that will need to be addressed before they can accept either the fully electronic or “hybrid” manifests. They are strongly advising manifest users to continue using paper manifests to ship waste until those “bugs” are worked out. The Treatment sites will upload the required information and manifest image into the EPA’s electronic system, in full compliance with the e-Manifest program requirements.

So, What Does That Mean For You?

It means that for the time being, very little will change. Your waste shipments will be prepared using paper manifests (the new 5 copy form will be used) and your process will not need to change…except for one thing. Because the TSDFs will be uploading the manifest data to the EPA e-Manifest system, they will no longer be mailing final signed copies of the manifests back to the generator. The data will be available on the e-Manifest database where you can confirm that it made it to its final destination. However, to view that data, you will need to register as a Site Manager on the RCRAInfo application. Click here to register. The DTSC has published a step by step guide on how to register and you can click here to view the pdf. You can register on RCRAInfo now, or at any time. There is no deadline.

Do You Still Need To Mail A Copy Of The Hazardous Waste E-Manifest To The DTSC?

For now, even though the DTSC will also have access to that database, they have reported to us that they still want generators to send in their photocopies until further notice. If you need to be reminded of that address, here is the DTSC webpage where you can find it.

As always, know that HTS will continue to closely follow the changes to the regulations and TSDF acceptance processes. We will keep you informed. Learn more about how we can help you with hazardous waste manifests and please do not hesitate to contact your account manager, our Customer Service Department or our EH&S Department with any questions.

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