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Biennial Reports For Large Quantity Generators?

Biennial Reports For Large Quantity Generators?

Generators produce hazardous waste(s) in different quantities, and because of this, the EPA has established different categories for generators based on the amount of waste produced. These varied categories include very small quantity generators (VSQGs), small quantity generators (SQGs), and large quantity generators (LQGs). A biennial report is required to document the waste generated at your facility.

Each of these generators has different EPA regulations, and because it is your responsibility as a generator to determine which category you are in, understanding what category you fall into is essential to your business.

For large quantity generators, knowing this is especially important as federal regulations require these generators to submit a biennial hazardous waste report. This report needs to contain information relating to the quantities and disposition of hazardous waste generated, as well as the nature of the waste generated in the facility.

Your biennial report must also be submitted by March 1 of every even-numbered year. For instance, if a report is being submitted by March 1 of 2019, the report would contain those activities that occurred during the 2018 calendar year.

It is important to note that a generator’s category may change from month to month (such as when there is a decrease of waste generated due to decreased production), since categories are based on the amount of hazardous waste generated every month.

For instructions on generating this report, please click here.

Which Category Do I Fall Into?

Although there are other requirements that need to be met to be classified into a certain category, the following are basic criteria to help guide you:

Very Small Quantity Generators (VSQGs)

A very small quantity generator is a generator that produces 1 kilogram or less of acutely hazardous waste per month, or 100 kilograms or less of hazardous waste.

Small Quantity Generators (SQGs)

A small quantity generator is a generator that produces more than the hazardous waste amount described above, but less than 1,000 kilograms of hazardous waste per month.

Large Quantity Generators (LQGs)

A large quantity generator is a generator that produces more than 1,000 kilograms of hazardous waste per month, or more than 1 kilogram of acutely hazardous waste.

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