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4 Ways to Save on Your Company Waste Budget

4 Ways to Save on Your Company Waste Budget

Businesses that generate waste need a safe and effective way to dispose of the waste they produce. While waste disposal is a cost of doing business, there are ways in which those costs can be reduced.

The first step in reducing your waste costs is by tracking it. Know how and where in your process each waste stream is generated.  Companies that understand and track how their wastes are generated are able to recognize inefficient waste management practices.   Here are 4 additional ways to save on your company waste budget;

     1. Choosing a hazardous waste container

Selecting the proper container for storing and transporting waste is a key element in properly managing your wastes.
Both hazardous and non-hazardous materials can be stored and transported in drums, provided they are compatible with the waste being stored.   

On the other hand, cubic yard boxes are made to store the equivalent of four 55-gallon drums. Cubic yard boxes are an economical option to store and transport certain solid hazardous or non-hazardous materials. It is very often more cost effective to dispose of one cubic yard box as compared to 4 55-gallon drums. Switching from drums to boxes may also increase space in your storage area.

hazardous waste containers

       2. Waste Consolidation

By combining compatible substances that can be mixed in the same container, it can then be filled to a greater capacity. This reduces the number of containers needed for disposal, contributing to significant cost savings.

       3. Recycling

As waste disposal technologies improve, even for hazardous wastes, the simple landfill option is not always the least expensive.  Recycling opportunities have increased in recent years which is not only better for the environment, it can be done at a savings. When is the last time you reviewed the sites to which your wastes are being sent and the way in which they treating the waste?

Businesses should also watch out for changing regulations including increasing the range of wastes banned from landfills, particularly e-wastes. By implementing recycling systems now, companies can avoid rushing to meet new restrictions and potential fines. As part of our customized waste program, we match our clients to the best transportation and disposal facilities (TSDF) with prime recycling solutions.

       4. Environmental Health and Safety Compliance

There are many benefits for organizations working with environmental, health and safety specialists. By working to achieve and maintain compliance with federal and state regulations, companies can avoid fines and ensure the safety of employees. While helping to avoid compliance and/or injury-related costs, well-rounded EHS programs can help companies reduce the amount of raw materials used, can lower the energy consumption, and can decrease the total waste generated from thier operations, which leads to savings.


There are several ways to save on your company waste budget. With the right support, your business can reduce waste, work towards sustainability and manage compliance, all while saving money. Our waste industry specialists partner with you to develop a comprehensive waste management plan for your organization. Contact us to learn more or call (562)-906-2633. We are located in Santa Fe Springs and serve companies throughout Southern California.

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