Waste Management

Removal of waste - hazardous, non-hazardous and discarded electronics - in an environmentally responsible way is at the core of our business operations.

Our customers are protected by the safe transport and handling of their wastes, and are assured of flawless legal documentation to satisfy regulators of their due diligence.

Waste Removal

HTS Environmental Services fields a diverse fleet of vehicles to transport waste.  Our drivers and certified field personnel are well-trained and experienced to work with any business’ staff. They arrive on-site with all the equipment necessary to safely load and remove waste, providing appropriate documentation as required by law.

Our capabilities include professional, safe and efficient handling of:

  • Hazardous waste, in compliance with the Resource Conservation & Recovery Act (RCRA) 
  • Non-hazardous liquid, sludge and solid wastes, in bulk and in drums
  • E- Waste - Computers, CRT monitors, waste electronic components
  • Universal Waste - Batteries and fluorescent, halogen and mercury vapor lights
  • Used Tires

Our fleet includes:

  • Coded and non-coded vacuum tankers
  • Van trailers with liftgates
  • Service vehicles for special project needs

Storage options we provide:

  • 10,000 & 21,000 gallon portable storage/fractanks for temporary or long term storage. Enclosed and open top units available. 

On-Site Waste Management

Our on-staff Environmental, Health and Safety experts develop custom programs to meet the specific needs of industrial, commercial and municipal customers. We provide professional services as well as skilled support labor in the form of technicians who work at our customers’ facilities.