About Us

HTS Environmental Services is a full-service hazardous waste transportation company serving the Western United States.

Since 1995, our mission has been to make HTS the premier environmental and hazardous waste transportation company by providing unsurpassed service. Over the years, we have grown to provide a full complement of compliance, training, permitting and emergency response.

Today, our clientele are not only companies featured in Fortune 500, but also small businesses. Additionally, we service municipalities with populations of 10,000 to 1 million.

When a client needs waste management services, our professional drivers arrive at the site ready to transport and will provide the appropriate paperwork, which complies with all local, state and federal regulation. We can provide accommodations for a 1-drum pick-up with a small service vehicle, a 90-drum pick-up with a tractor trailer unit, or 6,000 gallons of liquid with our tankers.

For clients who need on-site, daily waste management, or who have special projects, our field technicians are available. They package and inventory your waste on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. During plant shutdowns for annual maintenance or plant closures, our team will dismantle and decontaminate production equipment.    

We utilize a full staff of environmental health and safety personnel to assist with constantly changing compliance standards. Whether facing an audit by a regulatory agency; in need of assistance with corrective/preventative action, gap analyses, or training, we can help you prepare, perform, and ensure safety.    

Furthermore, we are proud to employ a dedicated and talented staff. We are committed to continuous improvement, expanding our expertise to offer the best services and resources in the waste and environmental industries.

Nola McGuire & Ron Leahy